Forever young... I wanna be... Forever young..
First of all Tyler you are my best friend in the whole wide world . I have known you since i was a baby and i hope our freindship carries on untill we are old :)
You are always there for me , and i am always there for you during the tough times. You have helped me in school with bullies and people like that and you will always be the first person I go to when i need help :) xx
Remember when twinkle died the first person i told was you cos he was a part of our freindship too, i could never forget when we did that 2 minute silent just for him and you stood by my side through it all :) xx
I know that we are very different now , but that doesnt mean I love you any less . You are a great friend , the most sweetest , and most beautiful and funniest and bestest singer i have ever known in my life :) x
I am tearing up just writing this, you just mean soo much to me and i never want to lose you .
Like the note from you on my bedroom door sais : "Our friendship will n

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(live from PG Bar, 30.11.2013, Yaroslavl, Russia)

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