[MMD] 2p!Hetalia - Happy Halloween (2p!Nordics)
OCTOBER IS FINALLY HERE! Oh how time flies. You now get a greeting from these darling cinnamon rolls. But don't be deceived by their smiles, deep inside they're all still sociopaths... oh well... 2p Nordics namesss
2p!Iceland : Egil Steillson
2p!Norway : Lokki Bondevik
2p!Denmark : Markell Køhler
2p!Sweden : Bernard Oxenstierna
2p!Finland : Thurston Vainamoinen

Special thanks to my friend IggyAlfi2319/Shade Owsline for sharing the models ^w^

【Motion】しろたび - sm25645933
【Models】Kanaha+NagekinomaiP (