/ one year with
146 Likes, 20 Comments - @darina_meinardi on Instagram: “It was almost a year ago. Only one day of single shot with a week of rehearsing full of em...
38.3k Likes, 578 Comments - 6 YEARS WITH EXO ♡ (@jongbrothers) on Instagram: “this fancam triggers me so much, too many ults in one frame 🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️”
391 Likes, 15 Comments - ZOLITA (@zolita) on Instagram: “This pride has been the most beautiful one ever 🏳️‍🌈❤️ let’s carry this spirit with us int...
143 отметок «Нравится», 21 комментариев — Richard Durand (@djricharddurand) в Instagram: «One of my highlights this year is the collaboration with ...
17 Likes, 2 Comments - ONE YEAR WITH PENTAGON 🌸💕 (@swagtagon) on Instagram: “THIS FANCAM IS THE BEST AND AT THE SAME TIME WORST THING ON EA...
“@OfficialR5 just wrapped up one of the hottest concert tours of the year with their #SometimeLastNight World Tour, which included a stop at the legendary…”
“I posted this video before, exactly one year ago to the day, while on my first tour with @everytimeidie. Came across it again today. I never finished this…”
“This year we have an extra 24 hours and I spent mine with one of the most important people in my life, Martha. Can’t wait for her to enjoy her spa day!…”
“A little something from us,living our fun moments again.This day changed my life. One year to DLKH. Celebrating it with my first and next co-star,…”
“It's a New Year Ya'll. Are You Ready!! We're starting the year off with a Dynamik Sale! 🎉New Year Sale!🎉 🔶Buy One Get One 50% off!!🔶 www.dynamikmuscle.com…”
“What an awesome year and this was one of my favorite parts for sure!! #cfmototour2015 such a blast with an awesome group of dudes! @thedavecastro…”
“-INSTAGRAM- @alfredoflores: This day last year we came together and shot this video with the quickness. Still one of my favorites! 📽🎄 #SantaTellMe…”
“Will always and forever be in love with this song.. For those of you who caught our tour dates last year, this was one of the acoustic songs we performed.…”
“A moment worthy of my very first #TBT. Sentimental and so happy to be celebrating 10 years of @sjplovely with one of my favorite "Lovely" memories. A day…”
“••• MyungYeol X Guardian Angel ㅡ With saddened eyes Myungsoo tried to wipe the tears from his lover’s cheeks. It has exactly been one year since they…”
“I finally get to announce that one of the IDs from @hardwell 's Ultra set this year is my track 'Velocity' I did with my friends the @futuristicpolarbears…”
“A little combo with one of my favorite moves. This isn't the cleanest video and it's from almost exactly one year ago! But just for fun and ideas :)…”
“Celebrating my new year with one of my favorite boys , @johnny_deluca and my best friends @ashleyemanley @lauralikesthis @alyssyleigh #2014 #newengland…”
“Saw him last year sat on his own with a guitar at the exact same festival. He said he would be one of the biggest Artists in the world. The man's well on…”
“One year gone #WWE #WhatAYear #flipagram made with @flipagram Today marks one year that I asked for my release from the WWE. The beginning of 2014 began…”
All my hobbies filmed on gopro camera during the last year. Take a look and enjoy it as well as i did!
Видео снятое на GoPro за весь год.

Cateblanchett.ucoz.com - сайт о Кейт Бланшетт
Just through this footage wanna thanks so much F-one & Manera for all their support during the last couple of years, offering and developing the best toys in the market, Can't wait for more adventure to come

Finally, one year with my lovely little horse!
She was really silly, but she always was the best horse in my life!
Love her so much!! ♡♡♡♡♡

Music: Nickelback – Far Away

Relive a year of intensity with Cate Blanchett. #SaySì
【TVPP】Onew(SHINee) - One Year Later (with Jessica), 온유(샤이니) - 1년 후 (with 제시카) @ Show Music core Live

SHINee # 011 : Onew(S...
★ Jung Yonghwa (정용화) [CNBLUE] - 27 Years (With Peter Malick) [1집 One Fine Day] ★ Full Album Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL70Lc2eBHYZ-t-aYauSg1PwPw719CLlYV

Album: [Full-Length] 1집 어느 멋진 날 (One Fine Day)
Album Artist(s): Jung Yonghwa (정용화) [CNBLUE]
Release Date: 2015.01.20
Genre: Pop


A love story between a man and his car. I bought this A4 B5 in January 2001, and have cherished and loved it all these years. She's still with me, ...
Лучшие кадры, снятые с помощью коптера, за первый год пользования.
коптер DJI Phantom Naza M V2 (FPV+OSD)
подвес 2-х осевой (китайский аналог Тarot-2D)
камера GoPro HERO 3+ SE
Монтаж: Premiere Pro CS6
Исправление fish-eye: GoPro Studio
Музыка: Jesper Kyd - The Guardian

Relive a year of intensity with Cate Blanchett. #SaySì

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Wilt Chamberlin famously claimed to have slept with 20,000 women throughout his life … but that ain’t nothing to Scott Steiner, because Big Pop...
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Do you ever wish you were born about twenty years later when Whister was epic and bikes were this good? MTB's future looks plenty bright with the J...

One year ago, Jordan, who was 5 years old at the time, could not sing or play any instruments. Months later, he was on Good Morning America. One year later, he can sing and play drums, keyboard, guitar and bass. He has also appeared on many TV shows. A little encouragement goes a long way.
Уже целый год как мы занимаемся НХ! И скажу честно- это самый прекрасный год в моей жизни :))Всякое начало трудно дается,но,оглядываясь назад,с гордостью осознаешь,что не зря старался.
My mama💜 I am beyond Thankful for my amazing team around me💫. I am so grateful for this beautiful life and to all that stand with me along the way. Love and light only always Aliana💜
One year ago I started traveling with my best friend @manuela_bbf here's a short (I swear it's short xD) clip showing some of our trips. #London #Paris

@Оригинал: instagram.com/p/BXk2R2nlMDi
после того, как почти год живешь в месте с женой
after almost one year living together with Nazira
**Watch in HD!**
On February 18th it was exactly one year since Siberia moved to Finland. I can't believe it's been a year already with this rascal! I mean, this beautiful creature... =)
As you can probably notice, not a lot has changed; she's still the same strong-willed, hard-headed, most adorable, beautiful and lovely pup in the whole wide world! She makes me happy, except for when she destroys my shoes.
Концерт в клубе Volta 15.12.2015г.
Ну, вот и год прошёл! Мы очень рады, что за этот год получилось сделать большое количество классных вечеринок с Вашим участием. Рады, что не забываете о нас и двигаетесь вместе с нами. Спасибо Вам! Юбилейную пати решено сделать в клубе "Lucky Fish". Считаем это место уютным, с непринужденной атмосферой. А благодаря сговорчивым и грамотным руководителям - "Lucky Fish" постепенно станет ещё лучше. То ли ещё будет! Видеограф Дмитрий Вязмитинов https://vk.com/difoto_video
I made this video for Red Velvet's 1st year anniversary, but never had the chance to share it. So I decided that there would be no better time to share it then their 500 day anniversary.

This 7-year-old has mastered the process and can do it one handed in under 30 seconds

Рекламный ролик журнала Focus в связи с его днём рождения!
"One year with love"
Стал счастливым обладателем GoPro HERO 4 BE ровно год назад, решил сделать отчет за год! В этом видео далеко не все мои приключения и путешествия, но оно хорошо передает всю суть Меня! А музыка Avicii просто волшебна, для моих видео подходит идеально!
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Expedition 43-46 cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko of Roscosmos sat down for an in-depth interview at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia on March 25, several weeks after landing in their Soyuz TMA-18M spacecraft in Kazakhstan. Kornienko spent 340 days in space after launching in March 2015 to gather valuable biomedical data on the long duration effects of weightlessness on the human body that will be used to formulate a human mission to Mars.

Стал счастливым обладателем GoPro HERO 4 BE ровно год назад, решил сделать отчет за год!В этом видео далеко не все мои приключения и путешествия, но оно хорошо передает всю суть Меня! А музыка Avicii просто волшебна, для моих видео подходит идеально!
I owned my Hummer for a year -- and now I'm saying goodbye. Here's what it was like to own a Hummer for a year.

Doug DeMuro
И так, дорогие друзья. Kid уже как целый год радует вас своими видео. Огромное спасибо за вашу поддержку, за ваше мнение, за ваши эмоции. А так же выражаю благодарность Владиславу Кондратенко, за то, что пристроил меня в вашу любимую группу баскетбольных вайнов - Basketball C/C Vines, а так же благодорю всех моих коллег за их наставничество. Я буду и дальше радовать вас своими видосиками, становиться лучше и развиваться.
By: Kid (vk.com/kid_35)
Лучшие баскетбольные вайны ВКонтакте - www.vk.com/basketballvinescc
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.5-Year-Old Hoops Phenom with One Hand Dreams of Playing at UK for Calipari
.Five-year-old Jackson Connors was born without a right hand, but that hasn't stopped him from becoming a dominant basketball player. He's also a huge fan of the University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball team
.One-Handed 5-Year-Old Has Huge Game
.5-Year-Old Hoops Phenom with One Hand Dreams of Playing at UK for Calipari
.5-Year-Old Hoops Phenom with One Hand Dreams of Playing at UK for Calipari
.5-Year-Old Hoops Phenom with One H
- Read more at: http://gistonthis.com/baby-one-eye-forehead-delivered-16-year-old-girl/

A baby with one eye on the forehead and no nose was born in south Africa at the Nelson Mandela Academic hospital. The baby was delivered by a 16 years old girl. The baby was reported dead the following day.

Many deformed babies have been born to the nation's eastern cape for the past two years now. The birth of this deformed child has now called for research by the Eastern Cape Health Department.

Daring somersaults, leaps over great distances, and other tricks that are staples of parkour were all performed by 12-year-old Ruben Roldan in the Spanish municipality of Rincon de la Victoria on Saturday, despite the fact Roldan has only one leg.

To use this footage please contact the Ruptly Client Desk: cd@ruptly.tv
Video ID: 20150124-045

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One Direction perform "Steal My Girl" - New Year's Rockin' Eve 2015 with Ryan Seacrest
One Direction "Little Things" - New Year's Rockin' Eve 2015 with Ryan Seacrest
One Direction perform "What Makes You Beautiful" - New Year's Rockin' Eve 2015 with Ryan Seacrest
Komentarze mile widziane ^^
- - -
Właśnie mija rok, od kiedy zaczęłam interesować się tańcem Jumpstyle.
Chciałam bardzo pozdrowić i podziękować wszystkim tym, którzy byli przy mnie przez cały ten czas, wspierając i ucząc mnie wciąż nowych rzeczy.
Taniec stał się czymś nieodłącznym w moim życiu. Sprawia mi to radość w trudnych chwilach.
Chociaż czasem były dni zwątpienia.. Ale nie ma co się załamywać, każdy z nas się uczy i jest wiele dobrych lat przede mną.
Jumpstyle stał się moją pasją, jest moim serce
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(i miss every pirsen and every one (with my team in baghdad befor(17 years
Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 43 Flight Engineers Scott Kelly of NASA and Mikhail Kornienko of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) discussed the early weeks of their year-long mission during a pair of interviews April 29 with the Associated Press and the Westwood One Radio Network. Kelly and Kornienko are wrapping up the first month of a planned year-long mission on the station to gather valuable data on the effect of long duration exposure to weightlessness for the future plan
"Born Electric" is BMW’s catch phrase for the i3. Now having lived with a BMW i3 for a year, it makes me realize just how true that catch phrase is.

Owning and driving an electric car is indeed a whole new world - 12 months and 12,000 miles without a drop of gas, an oil change or a visit to gas station.

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What will it be like if we survive 31 more years of being alive? Let Ray Kurzweil be your guide as we ride a beam of light into the Technological Singularity of 2045.
Immagini ed emozioni del primo anno vissuto con Romeo,il nostro adorato gatto persiano...

Musiche: Forrest Gump Theme (Alan Silvestri); Only Time (Enya).
The City forward has put pen to paper on a new one-year deal and he has said manager Tony Mowbray was a major influence on his decision...
Este video muestra a nuestros monitores patinando y demostrando su talento// This video shows our teachers skating and proving their talent

Es la combinación de sus profiles de este año// Is the combination of their profiles of this year

¿Los has visto? Si no lo has hecho, puedes ver los enlaces a continuación// Have you see them ? if you haven't the links are bellow:


Final of the national selection for Eurovision 2017 Belarus Финал национального отбора на Евровидение 2017 Б...
My first ever caps lock title video. It's been just over a year since Mexican weather reporting and Yanet Garcia broke my bloody dial up connection...

Друзья, всем общий! Это видео о проблемах которые случились за год эксплуатации "Лада Веста". Все ли так плохо, или АвтоВАЗ сделал реально хороший ...
Learn your months with Kipper.

Watching full length, like, share, subscribe and comments will all help to make our channel more visible. It only m...
Comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey is joined by a variety of surprise celebrity guests in New York City as they celebrate in Times Square.
In April last year, a North Korean ballistic missile crashed and hit the urban city of Tokchon, roughly two hours from Pyongyang, The Diplomat repo...
I own a DJI Mavic for a little over a year, since end of may 2017.
Having a small compact drone with me while traveling is essential these days. It...
This one-year-old baby followed his trainer dad around at his workplace. He jogged along with his father and also did some squats.

Poke My Heart c...
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http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcone London's 2013 fireworks on New Year's Day. Track list:
01 Ner...
Боец Хизбаллы Али Салех, вернувшийся из Фуа и Кефраи, встречается с дочерью, которую в последний раз видел 13-ти месячной. Июль 2018
Soooo, yeah. This was kind of a hard video to make / edit, but I wanted to see if I could make it through watching it one year later..
A lot has c...

"Did that make you feel better?"

^ Basically how we feel after making this video ^

We're a bit late but to be fair we made the decision to ...
Lexie is arrived home 1 year ago
She continues to let me live my dreams every day, I wish I could explain to you all how much I love her.
She is ...
It’s been a year since Zion Harvey made medical history by becoming the first child to receive a double hand transplant, and now, the nine-year-o...
To download the music and video, and learn how it was made: http://eirikso.com/2011/01/05/one-yea...

One year ago I mounted my SLR in my window....


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Спасибо за просмотр! Подписывайтесь)
Прошёл целый год, как Поручик мой:)
Thanks for watching guys! Wanted to celebrate Cooper's first birthday with a mashup of all the stuff I recorded over the past year. Hope you all en...
It's coming up to one year since we started sponsoring NiP! Time to celebrate and look forward to more.
A dramatic account of a high speed car chase after a mass shooting in a Texas church has emerged from one of the gunman’s pursuers, who describes...
Шоу "Голос" Kids Франция 2017. - Мария с песней "Миллион лет назад". - "The Voice" Kids France 2017. - Maria with the song "One Million Years Ago (оригинал Adele)

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