Best summer ever
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Лучшее лето.. 🔥😎❤️💪 . .

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“Best song ever? #summer #concert #live #onedirection #yeg #1D”
“Best Summer Ever! #TeenBeach2 @disneychannel”
so this is how my friends and I spent our summer in England
Imagine Dragons - Working man (I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG)
hope you enjoy :)
Вот так надо отрываться!
Here I Fixed The Lyrics Sorry for Messing Up :)
Hunter Gulan packed up his Pontiac, departed Duluth and has arrived at Mt. Hood for what will certainly be the Best. Summer. Ever. To kick things off he spent some time at Windells with fellow Minnesotans Dan Spooner and Jesse Paul. The Best Summer Ever is brought to you by Coal Headwear.<br/><br/>
Яркий летний отчёт с курорта Windells.

Aw it's Mack and Brady's 'Meet-iversary' and to celebrate they watch Wet Side Story and dance along to the song 'Best Summer Ever'!

Watch Teen Bea...
The boys (and girls) are back in town at Mt Hood, OR. We tricked Windells and High Cascade Snowboard Camps ontp letting us film all summer long and you reap the rewards in this super exclusive, epic Mt. Hood adventure of a video series. First, a little welcome back featuring the riding of Johnny Lazz, Scott Stevens, Nial Romanek, and many more. Stay tuned every week for new episodes of Best Summer Ever on - здесь сноуборд сука |

remix is Settle Down by EMBRZ
Самая Новая Клубная Музыка (The Best Summer Ever - 2016)
music - Mari Ferrari feat Deepside Deejays - We Are Young (Dj Tr meet Remix)
Клубная музыка ★ Dj Smile ★
Клубная музыка ★ Dj Smile ★
Клубная музыка ★ Dj Smile ★
орленок июль 2015
aired on August 29 2014

there's like a little glitch around 8:00 sorry about that haha
But Mikey's jumper awwww
It makes me want to throw myself off a cliff

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Here is your second teaser clip from Best Summer Ever! etalk & 5 Seconds of Summer airing Friday Aug 29th at 7pm ET on CTV
Here is your fourth teaser clip from Best Summer Ever! etalk & 5 Seconds of Summer airing Friday Aug 29th at 7pm ET on CTV
Спасибо, Юлечка!!!! :*
Teen Beach 2 - Best Summer Ever (Lyrics Video)
All credits to Disney.
2015 Walt Disney Records
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Our panel heats up as they battle to decide the Best Summer Blockbuster EVER!!

Best Summer Movie Panel:
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Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic)
Nick Mundy (Conan and Screen Junkies)

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Thank you for watching guys
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0:00 Shake Shake Go – England Skies
3:28 Sakima – Energy
6:15 Napkey – Under Cover
10:50 Matvey Emerson feat. Lina – Say Hello (Deep Dish Cover)
15:25 Lariss – Dale Papi (Asproiu Trap Remix)
18:38 Digital Farm Animals – True
22:45 CamelPhat – However (Original Mix)
29:45 Asgeir – King and Cross (TEEMID Edition)0:00 Shake Shake Go – England Skies
3:28 Sakima – Energy
6:15 Napkey – Under Cover
This summer we're packing our bags and hitting the open road in search of endless adventure. The possibilities are limitless. Opportunities, endless. And we're taking floral kimonos, flowy silhouettes and retro graphics to a path unknown. We have everywhere to go. And everything to wear. So grab your friends. And style your best summer ever.


Song: Wandering In Your Mind
Artist: Street Joy
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Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
RED ALERT–лучшие райдеры в одном проекте!Фильм о российском сноубординге студии WEARE2012prod. при ген.поддержке бордшопа Сквот
Блог -

The Diggers over at Windell's give you a tour of their home, the Ark, giving you a taste of their Tent City, the Ark Pond, and the Digger Kittens. Watch as the guys show you what its like working hard all summer at Windell's in the park.
Thanks for all the amazing memories this past summer! Also, thanks to lauren for making this video!
Download the song from the video:

Video made by:
еще немного недоработанная версия)))
было очень весело, скучаю по тому беззаботному времени...<br/><br/>
Fanlala caught up with Nicole Anderson and got the scoop on all of her Summer favorites. What was her best summer ever? What are her summer fashion tips? Where is her favorite summer vacation spot? Check it out!

Fishers island-Boston-NY
на конкурс)
Папкина Евгения,Уфа

It was an interesting summer to say the least. The weather consisted of about 2 weeks of sun with rain and clouds shoved in the middle. Everyone still had a blast and made the best of it. This is just a collection of some of our favorite shots while filming The Best Summer Ever

Artist - Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs
Song - Stay
Artist - The Minks
Song - Funeral Song
it happens sometimes that people and places make you remember them forever, especially when they are true and real! some summer pieces of unforgettable time in America)) I think it's a start of something new for me and my bestie Oxana)) thank u baby for every spent day together))) guys you are all in my heart! love u to all american pieces )) so Anna sweetheart it's a video answer on your own video) I enjoyed every day with you) and will miss those times_))

starring PERCHIK and BAGINJA!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy)
Spend a week at Windells with the DTTD takeover crew, learn about thejob you wish you had, and see the Line Skis intern make a fool of himself in this week's Best Summer Ever. Featuring: Nial Romanek, Jonah Owen, Dylan Thompson, Ryan Lanham and Jesse Paul

The Best House / Dubstep Playlist EVER!

Are you looking for some cool and awesome tracks for your summer parties?
You are in the right place! You found the right video!

These are the best songs you can listen this summer to lose your control and your mind dancing on the beach or pool party ;)
*”˜˜”*°•. ˜”*°•˜”*°••°*”˜ •°*”˜.•°*”˜˜”*°•.
.•°*” .•°*”˜˜˜˜”*°•.”*°•.
.•°*”˜.•°*”˜.•°*”˜.•°*”˜ ˜”*°•.˜”*°•.˜”*°•.˜”*°•
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Brendan and Red Gerard are brothers that live in different states and rarely get to see each other. This summer Brendan was given the opportunity to hang out with his 10-year-old brother and help him learn how to get radical in all walks of life. No parents, no rules. Song: Raw Meat Artist: Black Lips

SNOWANDFLY. project:

No matter what you are doing this summer, there is no way you are having a better time than Red Gerard. He is 11 years old and hanging out with his best friends at Mt Hood all summer. He can go anywhere on the mountain, he can skate any park he wants, he gets everything for free, and he just landed his first job at Cobra Dogs. Red is literally having the best summer ever.

T in the Park 2014 line up announcement video.
That was absolutely AWESOME! Thanks everyone for being a part of this unforgettable adventure:)
WATCH Future's FULL Summer Sixteen set HERE:
1:32 - 5:00 Summer Sixteen
5:07 - 7:36 Still Here
7:38 - 9...

Best Keyboard Solo Ever - Kool and the Gang Summer Madness Live House of Blues 2000

Best 25 country Summer Songs 2017 My Favorite - Best Country Music Ever - Popular country songs 2017
Best Instrumental Music | Listening To The Bes...
★ Welcome to my weekly series on '' Tropical House Mixes '' Sit back at relax and enjoy the '' Deep House Music groove '' Enjoy & SHARE this " Be...

Wait. Yes. Best. Summer. Ever. #picklerick

Meeting really good people, discovering beautiful places, enjoying this life every moment :)
A family recipe for summer salsa!
2 cups black beans
2 cups fresh corn
1 red bell pepper
1 orange bell pepper
1 yellow bell pepper
2 c...
Hey guys! So it is still the beginning of august and I did not want to make a back to school video yet so I decided to make a summer one! I really ...
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Summer has been lit, some may say the Best Summer Ever! So as we begin to say goodbye to our favorite season, here are some of the top summer video...

Самые веселые, забавные и интересные моменты летней дачной жизни. Бело-черные ло...
Видео о нашем иностранном лете)
1 dream: Across the USA from Pacific to Atlantic ocean, from Gulf of Mexico to Canadian Border.
2 travelers: Halyna and Nazar.
30 days in 2 min video.
1 car: Jeep Grand Cherokee for $1000.
21 states: Colorado,New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi ,Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC ,Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois.
Our last road trip from Colorado to California
W&T 2015 ❤
Austin, TX
Mack, Brady y el resto de los chicos cantan, bailan y disfrutan del "mejor verano de todos los tiempos".

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Чтобы понять насколько крутое все-таки было это лето, нужно просто посмотреть видео!!!
Today marks the official end of summer and we've seen some amazing videos this year. Relive some of the best things that have happened this summer and get your dose of nostalgia. What did you do this summer?

All songs provided by Epidemic Sound
Everybody - Elias Naslin 0:00 - 0:59
Surfing the Beach - Victor Ohlsson 1:00 - 1:51
The Drop in the Club 2 - Niklas Gustavsson 1:53 - 2:27
Last Sunrise in the Waste Land 3 - Sven Karlsson 2:29 - 3:05
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Camp Wicosuta - 2005. Kitchen and cleaning staff. These girls are amazing!
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Music: XIXX -- Footsteps.
I am joined by Mother's Basement, Best Guy Ever, and Popushi to talk about all of the new Summer 2016 anime! Timecodes below!
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The Merrell Twins stop by the studio as Hunter March kicks off the Top Five Best of Summer collection.
TOP FIVE LIVE is a hosted daily countdown show shot in front of a live studio audience. We'll feature interviews and performances from Generation Z’s favorite stars from Movies, TV, Music and YouTube. Each day fans will vote to decide which videos/content from pop and online culture are the most buzz worthy and we will count them down.


Hello guys! this is one of my videos, In tanger city[morocco] where is one of the best spot In world i hope you like it Enjoy
Song [Lowkey - Fire in the booth]
[Facebook ]
Посвящается дорогим ЕПишкам:)
P.S. Просим прощения за звук, зато от всего сердца
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