Happy Belated Halloween
This is the...something high-ass number MEP from Mad World Productions XD The song is Zombie by The Cranberries.

Please refrain from any derogatory comments such as "I liked this part better." or "I didn't like this part." or anything else of that persuasion, all the members of Mad World Productions did their best and I WILL NOT hear of anyone putting them down. Any negative comments will be immediately deleted and the person will be blocked, I take this very seriously, I will not allow any harm to c
Happy Belated Halloween guys!
Sorry we are in late but lately the leaders got less interested in youtube and videos so we took this mep a bit too slow and at halloween we were both busy and shit.

Still, the mep is funally up
We had some problems because a member dropped the mep and left the studio, another got kicked out and so...
Well hope you everyone like it.

- INFO -
Track 1:
Editor: xSmokinBomb
Pairing Used: Yamamoto x Hibari
a super duper belated happy halloween video
it was supposed to be an ic between me, yuon and dia
but yeah I just started this a few days ago.

|| Editor's commentary:
I'm sorry for coming up with a lame idea and for being so fucking late. This wasn't so good but I'm glad I made my very own first Adolf video. I already know what's going to happen but the anime version's just too painful like really.. somebody please talk to me with my Adolf feels. It feels so painful, right in the heart bruh.
-insert manl