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Impressive Badami Cave Temples. India.
Впечатляющие пещерные храмы Бадами. Индия.
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This is the short composition of 3 days of climbing organized by
Editing and titiles: Sippu.
Photographers - Ranga, Priyank, Sippu, Goutham, Diyanat.
Climbing team: Ranga, Priyank, Sippu, Goutham, Diyanat, Ganesh.
Special credits: Keerthi Pias of "Outback India" for guidance and assistance in multi-pitch climbing.
Фильм рассказывает о первопроходе маршрута "Ganesh" 8b+ Gérôme Pouvreau в Бадами (Индия).

Film: Kaude Shah (Kode Shah or Koday Shah 1953
Singer: Shamshad Begum
Music: Sardul Kwatra
Kaude Shah (Punjabi: ਕੌਡੇ ਸ਼ਾਹ), also spelled as Koday Shah or Kode Shah, is a 1953 Punjabi blockbuster[1] directed by S.P. Bakshi (Shanti Prakash Bakshi), starring Daljit, Shyama, Miss Manju, Thakur Ramesh Nagpal, Chand Burqe, Rajni, Jaswant, Khraiti Bhainga and Mohan. Sardul Kwatra composed the music with playback singers
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Song: Badami Rang
Singer: Harby Singh
Composer: Navjeet
Lyricist: Jeet Aman
Video Director Shubh Karman
Actor: Harby Singh
Mix Master: B Sanj
The Badami Cave temples were carved out of red sandstone hill in the 6th and 7th centuries in a stunning natural setting. In the video: Caves 1-4, ...
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you will be shocket who is she with waseem badami on this - Eid Ul Adha live.