It's my birthday
139 Likes, 37 Comments - Alexander Karlsen (@alex.karlsen) on Instagram: “Today is my birthday and I'm 16 years old now ❤️🎊 MY YEAR 2017 PART 1, PA...
1,007 Likes, 63 Comments - @saweetie on Instagram: “It's my birthday in Miami ❤️ I love y'all @natashadunham @stephany1_ @katblanca #bdaycountdown”///Это мой день рождения в Майами  ❤️ я люблю вас @natashadunham @stephany1_ @katblanca #bdaycountdown”
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🎵It's my birthday I'll drink Don if I want to, Don if I want to, Don if I want tooooo... 🏄🏼‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️ #champagnediariescontinued

pruane2forever or some shit is his name
Отлично прошло днюха😉
it's my birthday and i did this
my life is sad

i did this at 5 am what did you expect
Time-1 days
Anime-Haikyuu 1-2/Волейбол 1-2
Song: Will.I.Am - It's My Birthday

Music - Happy Birthday, Hip-hop version
Приходите к нам в студию танц...
Ну да у меня др. Я знаю что все криво но так как скоро школа и ещё мне его надо было сделать до 31, я из за спешки там много косяков сделала, сорян ((

Айгара- мой основной ос.
Кокос- бело коричиневый кот персонаж не мой а принадлежит он Kokonattsu.
by Яна Лавкай❤
Mark Mothersbaugh – Grandmaster Jam Session
Featured on Thor: Ragnarok (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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Song -, Cody Wise - It's My Birthday
My B-Day is Tomorrow XDD ( 19.07 )
Use - Paint Tool Sai and WMM
AND .. OMG THANKS FOR + 1 123 SUBS ! !
Очень приятно, большое спасибо,
За поздравления благодарю.
Их близко к сердцу всегда принимаю,
Внимание ваше я очень ценю. 5"В" ЛюБлю ВаС 😍😘❤️
It's my happy birthday💙💚💛💜 @eduard_hachikuji @coub
It's finally done ♥ thanks to everyone who joined this mep, I think it turns out really good c:

Wolfi ♥ https://www.youtub...

Its my birthday ! Happy birthday to my evil twin 😂 I luv u
Happy birthday to people who are born the 27\04 too :'3

✖The credits are lower, i...
DJ Lady Style []
It's MY birthday!!! So we went for a Jam at IMAX

Hugethanks to everyone who came out hope to see you all next year if I'm there 👌😂

I am starting to get really fond of these solo member videos x) they're so much fun hahah anyway.. this time I made one with our pret...

Since it's my birthday, today I want to share this little video my good friend Josh Ramirez filmed of me in the city I was born in... Los Angeles, ...
Опубликовано: 19 февр. 2017 г.
Jogo: Just Dance 2015

Plataforma: Xbox One


UPDATE! 11/03/2017: Hey guys, thank you so much for all the likes! Means so much to me. Also I forgot to say this song was inspired from someone's ...
yoongi: since it's my birthday I will play 2 chainz
music: "all I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe"

cr. firtsIove
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A sadman Demo song
More of this song will come.
Directed by the talented Ronny Beck.
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On November 20, I had a birthday!!Now I am 18 years old!!this video is a kind of gift to me from myself))
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Music/Музыка: Will.I.Am feat. Cody Wise - It's My Birthday (Danny Dove Zoo Station Remix)
Coloring: charizzaard Retrograde
Edited/Автор: Sveta Friday
Editing program/Программа-редактор – Sony Vegas Pro 13

Coach will takes to the stage for an electric performance with buddy Cody Wise.

Go to for more news, videos and backstage gall...

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Thank Fixiki, Simca and Nolik, for a great show!
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2016 09 04

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music: "Oh, My Love" by Everet Almond
keywords: birthday, fixiki show, день рождения, шоу фиксиков
It's My Birthday - Vocal Popular Deep House Chill Out Music 2017 | New Best Future Chill Mix #69 by Vanilla Deep

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Guys, remember that in my country, I already have a birthday so I decided to put the video right away at the beginning of May 19.
I hope you like i...
Choreographer Julia Washetsya-Kalmikova
Music: It's my birthday, hip-hop version
Motion by ureshiiiiii
Snezhana Gribashina-
NickeyT Fun-
Sally Face wirt-cipher
Miles Upsher-
Yuri Plisetsky-
Karma Akabane no dl
Soul Eater-
Jesse (male)-
Music video by & Cody Wise performing "It's My Birthday", featuring your favorite Vine, YouTube and Maker Studios artists all in one amaz...
Lauren è un'americana laureata ad Harvard, che lavora a Londra.

Per mantenersi, si rivolge ad una agenzia di accompagnatrici per VIP per mezzo de...

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музыка: feat. cody wise - it's my birthday
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Мотоциклист из Ирвайна умер в субботу, 31 марта, когда ее мотоцикл сошел с шоссе 74, когда она направилась в округ Ориндж, сказал Дорожный патруль Калифорнии.

Сразу после 10:30 утра, Аннет А., 23, ехал на 2015 Триумф Востоке Моррелл Каньон, на 70 до 80 миль в час, выпуск новостей ЧП сказал. Из-за ее скорости, сказала CHP, она не смогла сделать кривую на шоссе, которое также известно как шоссе Ортега в горах Санта-Ана.

Carrrion свернул вниз по насыпи и была брошена от ее мотоцикла, РНП сказал. Она умерла на месте.
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Jogo: Just Dance 2015

Plataforma: Xbox One

Música: It's My Birthday

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It's My Mother's Birthday Today (2008) Full Movie
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Guy Maddin directed this short biopic on the castrato known as the Manitoba Meadowlark, Dov Houle, who performed on tour with the film “Brand Upon the Brain!”
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So it's my birthday today and I have a big announcement...A NEW SYSTEM. Big thanks to RebelTech, ASUS and Corsair for sponsoring all the parts. Als...


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Jogo: Just Dance 2015

Plataforma: Xbox One


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Niñoooo!!! Mucha mucha Felicidades!!! Espero que algún dia podamos celebrar juntos tu cumple y el mío que seguro que si je...