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T H A T S H A ...
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Чому люди надають перевагу місту? Можливо, залежить в якій компанії проводити час?
Вихідні в незвичній обстановці - найкращий відпочинок.
Бажаю всім багато емоцій від літа 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ року
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“The cast talking about the 'Malec Kiss.' [2/2] Em: "Put some tongue in there!" #superfansuite #shadowhunters @matthewdaddario / @harryshumjr /…”
“The cast talking about the 'Malec Kiss'. [1/2]
#shadowhunters #superfansuite
@harryshumjr / @matthewdaddario / @kitkatsmeow”
“Part 3/3. Tune in to watch Shadowhunters episode two tonight at 9/8C on Freeform! ➰ #shadowhunters #matthewdaddario #aleclightwood”
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“Part one of a new Shadowhunters show commercial! I'll be posting the whole thing. #shadowhunters”
“This is so adorable!! Dominic Sherwood's girlfriend @therealsarahhyland surprised him on the @shadowhunterstv set today! #shadowhunters”
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by ム Ho4Hou • [Dark S1de] • [$uicideTear$]

Our small video from Maldives trip ) This june we`ve been to one of the most amazing places on the planet, and this is a small sneak-peak into what it is - to be in the middle of nowhere ) Hotel: biyadhoo island
V a d j r a g h a n t a वज्र རྡོ་རྗེ & K u z h e b a r (строй & Mīmāṃsā )
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Westlife - Us Against the World
" M O D E L F A S H I O N T O U R " il 1° Festival della Bellezza e della Moda a Torino
http://www.newseventsturin.net/fashion Первый модельный парад в Турин фестиваль итальянской красоты и моды Италия Турин. News Events Turin foto video
music: The Virus and Antidote – Tale of a Ghost
well shit
this wasn't supposed to happen

I put this *thing* together from different pieces of trailers and tv-spots and I apologise for...
I have this idea in my mind for a painting about butterflies. Blue and green and yellow butterflies, tumbling out of my brain. I think it’s going to be good. I feel like I can almost touch them... like they’re right there for me to grab as they’re flying away... out of my skull and taking all those dark thoughts and little devils with them. Just fluttering away and leaving the good stuff behind. Butterflies. I’m going to get my canvas and my paints. I think I’m all better. I think I’m ready to leave. Desi
by Pavel Xrustalev · #юрий, #никулин, #миронов, #бриллиантовая рука, #pvideo, #pmusic, #бриллиантоваярука, #бриллиантовая, #юрий никулин, #андрей миронов, #андрей

Вот и подьехал новый спидпэинт .Приятного просмотра )
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ля я знаю что долбаеб )0)
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Design Di...
Песня: Theodore Shapiro – Levitation
SLOW SUNDAY by Theodore, Paul & Gabriel Directed By Truman & Cooper Twitter : https://twitter.com/Truman_Cooper Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/trumanetcooper Director of photography : Victor Seguin Production : Chez Eddy Producers : Jean François Bourrel & Anne-Lise Mallard Production Manager : Seb Lemenez Production Assistant & Casting : Clémence Pittillioen Cast : Martin Jobert & Alix Momal Post - Productiion : Chez Louis Editing & Grading : Manuel Coutant Flame Artist : Anthon
A compilation of all females from Hemlock Grove with a few OCs written by myself and friends.

Song: Hearts Under Fire (Bare remix) - Lea Luna
enjoooy my first multifandom c;
-Teen Wolf
-The Maze Runner
-The Hunger Games
-Jurassic World
Song:Heroes-Mans Zelmerlöw
http://cine.bestiarios.com - L a s a v e n t u r a s d e l p e q u e ñ o f a n t a s m a
http://cine.bestiarios.com - L o s A n d e r s s o n E n G r e c i a: T o d o I n c l u i d o
http://cine.bestiarios.com - 5 M I N U T O S D E G L O R I A
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njoar o: i maded a sayuri and ayame video XD i dont know a desc. its about my amazing boredom time XD but i hope u like it o.o XD ENJOY 8D and yeah my pc is still broken ...about this i am made the sayu vid on lisas pc and the aya vid on celis pc thank u baby *-* XD nja c.c sayuri is still a cute shy girl! Q///Q and aya a idk XD? aya is aya o.o... shit happens 8D XD okay a pissed of lady v.v XD

RPC: Sayuri AImi Mashiba and Ayame Mai Mashiba belongs to me
1. Deuce - Don't Speak
2. Linkin Park - in
KLNV - t r a p p e d i n s e o u l //

Get it here: https://soundcloud.com/klnv/trapped-in-seoul

Cause everyone deserves good, FREE music.

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Это одно из первых моих видео, в которых прослеживается моя простая, повседневная жизнь)
Буду рад вашему лайку! ;)

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АДРЕС ДЛЯ ПОЧТЫ: Россия, Махачкала, (индекс 367000). До востре
Visuals done by me :DDD ! love yall!
track list:
1. https://soundcloud.com/thajournalist/journal-like-that
2. https://soundcloud.com/almighty615/almighty-gold-passion-prod
3. https://soundcloud.com/shoxtrvpstrv/trippygod-hiei-mane-trill-shox
4. https://soundcloud.com/mistah-chopps/juicy-j-666-dont-trust
5. https://soundcloud.com/thajournalist/thajournalist-syrup
6. https://soundcloud.com/pouya-kevin/pouya-fye-ft-sir-michael-rocks
High quality is best! Seizure warning, too. =P

OMG, this was sooo much fun to make! I love this song! At first I was gonna make a Sonic video to this song but since I haven't uploaded a Bakugan AMV in a while I decided to go with Bakugan instead. It was supposed to be a team tribute but it's got a lot of Dan, Runo and Alice, some Shun, and virtually no/little Marucho and Julie. It also includes the couples that are within the brawlers (e.g. DanxRuno and ShunxAlice) and, of course, Masky. It's not a team
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Character: Makoto Naegi
Anime: Danganronpa
Editor: Sony Vegas 13
Song: Desilusional
Artist: Simon Curtis
T H E A B S O L U T E M A D M A N D I D I T .

Check out the track I made for this video here: https://soundcloud.com/nobamu/s-h-a-d-i-l-a-y
Mostly about Sebas and Ciel.....

I hope you enjoy it!
I spent sooooo long working on it so I hope you appreciate my efforts.
I know there are some...
Project by @vickyandans
Video @vika_vikkie
Model @sergeymultakh
Clothes @menslookstore
пробуждаем вашу силу — vk.com/just.fandom

original: youtu.be/P2z-neWmSpg
U.S.A. .j.e. .p.r.v.n.í. .s.a.t.a.n.i.s.t.i.c.k.ý. .s.t.á.t. .n.a. .s.v.ě.t.ě , na You Tube.
Tubelight (свет в конце тоннеля)
Страна : Индия
Жанр : драма
Бюджет: 26 571 289$
Режиссер : Кабир Кхан
Продюсеры : Амар Бутала, Раджан Капур, Salma Khan, Кабир Кхан, Салман Кхан, Гарима Мехта
Сценаристы: Кабир Кхан, Parveez Sheikh, Manurishi Chadha
В ролях: Салман Кхан, Сохаил Кхан, Ом Пури, Мохаммед Зишан Айюб, Яшпал Шарма, Чжу Чжу, Matin Rey Tangu, Бриджендра Кала, Иша Талвар, Jason D'Souza, Рагувир Ядав, Хасим Кхан, Tushar Tyagi, Шатругхан Синха, Шах Рукх Кхан, Sharan Makkar, Парас Арора В маленьком живописном городе Северной Индии живет Лакшман с младшим братом Бхаратом. Лакшман – чудаковатый простак с уникальным взглядом на мир, что часто служит причиной насмешек недалеких жителей городка. Бхарат отчаянно защищает и оберегает брата, и их связь становится все глубже. Мир чудака Лакшмана рушится, когда напряженность на индийско-китайской границе достигает предела, и Бхарат отправляется служить в армию.
project by @vickyandans
model Sergey Multakh
video Viktoriya Koldysheva
They requested Dollhouse soooo... :D

I love mashups. Especially when there is Melanie and Halsey ma...

Промо к C o r p o I n f e r n o T o u r (2015)

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Белый винил (33 об.), цветной внутренний конверт с фотографиями
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Während sich ganz Deutschland aufgrund der Flüchtlingskrise im Ausnahmezustand befindet, bereitet man sich im Geheimen auf einen neuen Weltkrieg vor.

Mit rund sieben Milliarden Euro zusätzlich rüstet das Verteidigungsministerium die Kriegsflotte und die Raketenabwehr auf – während gleichzeitig 3000 Bundeswehrsoldaten an einer nie da gewesenen Militärübung im Mittelmeer teilnehmen: Insgesamt 36.000 Soldaten, 140 Flugzeugen, 60 Kriegsschiffen und sieben Atom-U-Boo
http://showstudio.com/project/tessa_kuragi_reverie/ Intrigued by the dual lives of model Tessa Kuragi - days spent pondering psychoanalysis, evenings spent freely exploring her sexuality and engaging in shibari bondage - Nick Knight looks at fetish in this editorial for AnOther magazine's A/W 15 issue. The shoot focuses on escapism, and the ability to form new realities through fantasy, and features styling by Katy England. Having begun communication with Kuragi on Instagram, Knight spent time understand
Director/DP/Post- BRTHR (www.brthr.net) Producers- Sara Greco, Sophia Rothbart, Lizzy Mazor Prod. Company- LEGS (www.welcometolegs.com) Production Design Lauren Nikrooz, Art Department- Rosie Turnbull Super 8mm- Kate Arizmendi AC- Anton Tanmi Stylist- The Drums, BRTHR Jumping Seal- Java the Seal Special Thanks- Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center. All sea creatures. The Drums are a very special band that will forever mean something to us. This was shot in the span of 2 scorching hot days a
г. Хабаровск, ул. Комсомольская 71, кабинет 14.

MP3: http://bit.ly/2j3lJFY

Here you go, Kaja, the full version~!

I really hope you all enjoy this, as it took forever to make~!
Hope you Enjoy! If you don't like this ship don't come here to this video to complain! alright! hehe the music is Nightcor Thousand years by Sanuk...
© 2011 WMG
"a thousand years" on itunes: http://atlr.ec/npHAdW
directed by: jay martin

"a thousand years" is a special song to me, dedicated to someone very important for me, thanks for hearing n watching. love ya :)