Thats my mom
73 Likes, 0 Comments - Aer Media ( on Instagram: “"Johnson's, a brand that my mom trusted for my care, has completely transformed to bec...
24.1k Likes, 106 Comments - Kat Graham (@katgraham) on Instagram: “My friend Valerie lost her son to cancer, and during that experience she witness...
355 Likes, 25 Comments - 🎀 Melanie Platten 🎀 (@mdplatten) on Instagram: “Glimpse into our childhood. Everything’s a song!!! How cute is my mom??? “...
146 Likes, 19 Comments - taylor nile (@harmonic.muse) on Instagram: “my mom has been cleaning the office this past week and i found my old music bo...
256 Likes, 20 Comments - [videostar] (@numinee) on Instagram: “⠀ ⠀ Best girl that I would drop anything and everything for ⠀ Song; thought of you -...
33 Likes, 1 Comments - sup hoes (@godblessjerry) on Instagram: “my mom said she can't believe that Justin is a church boy now I'm dead she litteral...
Публикация журнала «Time» в «Instagram»: «Selena Gomez (@/selenagomez) says she owes her success to the person closest in her life – her mom. “When I started working my mom was the person in my life that helped guide me through it,” she tells TIME. “She was 16 so we sort of grew up together.” Learn more about her journey and the stories of other iconic women at Photograph by Luisa Dörr @/luisadorr for TIME #sheisthefirst»
“Video evidence that #DavidAfterDentist can happen to you. I give you #TinaAfterDentist #TBT PS - let's all applaud my mom for putting up with me the…”
“These Mom's are FIERCE! I appreciate the support that the parents's show, by bringing their kids to my workshops! These moms had to show us how it's…”
Vine by re: Fawlen of Spooky Tail
[club69306791|Marcus Johns - 6 секунд веселья. Присоединяйся к нам ;)]
Мама сказала, что мне можно!
Let's me introduce my Mom 😊She said that She is cat 🐱! 😳Who am I?😳
Позвольте представить мою #котомама 😊Она говорит, что она - #кошка 🐱! 😳 Кто я?😳
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We had an amazing Mother's Day weekend 🙌🏾 I love you mommy and I'm so grateful that you are my mom 💜💜💜
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So..... I just got medivaced back from Afghanistan! and Surprised my Mom.... lol... Ninja!!!!

Uploaded for tumblr.

My mom told me to go compile all the scenes which show that Dean and Castiel's relationship can be interpreted as romantic. Obviously, I didn't compile ALL the scenes because then the video would be three hours long.

My friend Valerie lost her son to cancer, and during that experience she witnessed single moms and dads struggling to help their kids. Everything from having to work and not being able to be by the child’s side in the hospital bed, being drowned in medical bills, and losing everything just for the chance of survival for their child. Let’s give a dollar today and every Monday and start our weeks off right. A dollar that can help these single moms and dad’s take care of their children when insurance won’t. My mom was a single mom. She raised me in tiny one bedroom apartments up until the week I booked vampire diaries. She did everything to take care of me the best she could. So I am pledging my dollar today and I’m asking you all to join me today. Let’s take care of each other.
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Special Thanks To @losangeleslestwins For Capturing
Such A Beautiful Moment
IG Video Credit: @losangeleslestwins (I Tweaked The Sound Made It Louder & Slo Mo'd The End)
Thats My Phone Diamond Foxx & Elena Gilbert Moms Lick Teens get the full scene at
i just popped another nollie.


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