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- Nya, sorry it's a little bit short. I will make sure to extend my videos a bit longer! hilmione requested a 2Min video :")

;; told in Taemin's point of view ;;


=drift parking like a gymkhana 3 ,,,

スライドマスター7&drift king=スーパーハード


全米No.1ロックバンド"Mr.Big"のフロントマンであるエリック・マーティンがParty Rocketsのために書き下ろした新曲「MIRAIE」
仙台発 現役女子中学生アイドルユニット"Party Rockets"のセカンドシングル、2013年2月27日リリース!

Artist: Armchair Cynics
Song: Bang
Footage: Rise of the Guardians.

So, this is an early happy birthday gift to me. @ 3 @ Since, yeah, new Year's and all! Happy new Year's to you all guys. Be happy and I hope this new year brings you everything you wish for. ♥

You're not going to believe it when I say it, but Matterhorn isn't all that hard. A bulk of the difficulty comes from the generic platform sections...
Music : Max Liese - Sunstring

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I'm taking a week long break for the holiday, and th...
☆ “You burn bright when you're left alone. Turn off the lights and watch you glow.” ☆


HEY MINNA!!! GUESS WHAT DAY IS IT?? IT’S LOVELY KIA NEE CHAN’S BIRTHDAY! FJJDJFJD ok I really do suck at introductions… ôヮô)/

My sweet shinoa nee chan has b
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